Pescado con Bombin

Caricatura — 010.15.16

My mom would cheerfully sing every morning, shaking her behind ,smiling as she went about making our breakfast. The words danced off her lips, —se fué a bañar al mar para ver si en las blancas olas su carita podía blanquear. La Negrita Cucurumbe was the song, and it was that song and those early morning moments that inspired this illustration.

You're the Entertainer

Caricatura — 01.15.16

We were odd ones during our teenage years. We listened to music from the 50’s and 60’s. The Entertainer sung by Tony Clarke always blasted out from the speakers when my brother and I would aimlessly drive around. No particular place to go, just the way we liked it. The voice of Mr Clarke guided our every turn.

Let the Sunshine Through

Caricatura — 01.15.16

Lately I’ve been reminiscing about the streets of San Francisco, especially when it was just my brother and I. We would drive and he would play his dance mixes. Let the Sun Shine Thru by Richard F always managed to be part of the dance beats and it always caught my attention. I found it uplifting amongst all the other songs. And if by chance I hear it today, I still get that same feeling.